Research, products, services for the building sector
PENTACHEM, producer and supplier from 1994, produces in its plant in S. Clemente (Rimini - Italy) chemical additives for the building industry, chemical additives for cement-based and gypsum-based mixtures. Additives for ready-to-use plasters of all kinds, for smooth finish cement mixtures and cement adhesives as well as highly resistant and shirinkage-free additives for all types of mortar suitable for all kinds of work and repairs. Chemical additives for cements and concretes, Chemical additives for gypsum and derivates, Additives for mortars and injectables ternary compounds and for resins used in geotechnics, Additives for slurries, for ceramic, refractory and brick industries, Compounds for the industry of paints and preservatives in water solutions.

Pentachem resolves technical problems, develops products, enhances the performances of existing products, and optimizes the formulations.