For each sector and each problem PENTACHEM reproduces the specific applicative conditions in its laboratories, as so adjust the products to the client's requirements.

In this phase the Company draw on the experience and know-how built up over the years. More and more often we rosort to the study of new mixtures and new additives for the personalizations of the finished products. Then we carry out the final adjustments on site. Besides supplying its products and compounds PENTACHEM is also ready to give indications about the most suitable raw materials to use, about operating machines and productions system.

Where necessary we are able to organize training courses for technicians about the use and application of the products supplied and to pass on the sales-technicians the best selling points for the markets they are about to enter. Furthermore upon request, the Company can participate in the preparations of the technical literature for the finished products.
Clients turning to PENTACHEM have a triple advantage:
  • The possibility of putting on the market the products they wish to sell in a very short time
  • No risk concerning the quality of the products because they are the result of a thirty-year experience and already proven formulas are often used
  • No problem concerning the quality or supplying of additives since PENTACHEM delivers its own raw materials and compounds directly
When this is not possible or economically unfavorable, PENTACHEM enables the customer to find a large range of already selected alternative raw materials on the open market.