Cookie Policy

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR) and Italian harmonizing law, Pentachem S.r.l. (hereinafter Owner), as Treatment Owner, shall provide the following information related to the cookies placed on the domain

Extended Cookie policy

Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the Owner in providing the service according to the purposes described.
Cookies improve the experience of web-surfing by memorizing the settings (in order not to reinsert them every time you visit a new page) and by measuring your website usage (in order to make sure that your needs are satisfied).

Our cookies shall not be used to personally identify you and their usage is aimed to improve the website functioning for you: you can manage them and/or delete them as you prefer.

Cookie name Purpose Lasts for
LARAVEL Tecnical 2 hours
GA Tecnical 2 years
GID Tecnical 24 hourse
GAT Tecnical 1 minute

Tecnical Cookies and aggregate statistic Cookies

Activities strictly necessary for the functioning
Questo sito utilizza Cookie per salvare la sessione dell'utente e per svolgere altre attività strettamente necessarie al funzionamento dello stesso, ad esempio in relazione alla distribuzione del traffico.

Attività di salvataggio delle preferenze, ottimizzazione e statistica
This site uses Cookies in order to save the user’s session and carry out other activities strictly necessary to its functioning, for example those related to the traffic distribution.

By using the site, the user accepts the installation of “owner” Cookies and “third-party” Cookies, which are indicated in the following List, on his device. Anyway, it is always possible to refuse the consent by canceling the Cookies usage in the browser (ex. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and others ).

Cookies Typology

“Owner” Cookies
These files are installed on the user’s device directly by the currently open website.

“Third-party” Cookies
These are files installed by external websites, through a part of the code integrated into the currently open webpages.
Cookies installed by plug-in social (for the contents share) or visits analytic Cookies are an example of third-party Cookies. Collect and usage of information by these third-parties are ruled by the respective privacy policies, please make reference to them.

Essential “technical” Cookies
These are essential for the right functioning of the website’s pages. Some functions may be compromised and the access to the contents may be limited without these Cookies.
They allow, for example, to track a user’s or a website manager’s authentication. This kind of Cookies do not collect any user’s personal information and the user doesn’t need to give his consent for them.

Functionality “technical” Cookies
These Cookies are used to memorize some user’s choices in order to improve the web-surfing (for example the language, or automatically fill in a form with the previously used name). The user’s consent is required for this kind of Cookies, because they may include personal information (for example, user name). Some functions and the web-surfing of the pages may be compromised without these Cookies.

By disabling the saving of all or some Cookies, the website surfing (or some parts of it) may result compromised or limited by the lack of function.

Other types of Cookies or third-party tools that could make use of them.

Some of the following services collect statistics in aggregate and may not require the User’s consent or may be managed directly by the owner depending on what described, without third-parties’ aid.

Services hereby listed let the Treatment Owner supervise and analyze traffic data, and keep trace of the User’s behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a Web-analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses collected Personal Data with the aim of tracking and examining this Application’s usage, fill in reports and share them with other services developed by Google. Google may use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize its own advertising network announcements.
Collected personal data: Cookies and Usage data.
Place of treatment: USA - Privacy Policy - Opt Out

For further information about Google Analytics, you can refer to the websites:
Privacy Partners

It is possible to disable Google Analytics’ action through the tools provided by Google.
For further information, refer to the website
Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.)
Google Tag Manager is a statistical service provided by Google Inc.
Collected personal data: Cookies and usage Data.
Place of treatment: USA - Privacy Policy.

How can I manage Cookies inside my browser?

By entering into any website page, a ban containing a little information will appear. By clicking on Accept (OK) the user gives his consent to Cookie usage. This Cookies usage consent is registered with a “technical Cookie” and the user can cancel it whenever he wants.

In addition to what indicated in this document, the User can manage his Cookies preferences directly inside his own browser and he can forbid, for example, third-parties to install them. Through the browser preferences it is also possible to delete previously installed Cookies, included the Cookie in which is saved the consent to Cookies installation by this website.
It is important to notice that by disabling all the Cookies, the website functioning may be compromised. You can find information about how to manage Cookies in your browser at the following links: Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Since the Owner cannot technically supervise the installation of Cookies and other tracking systems by third-parties through the services used inside this Application, every specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third-parties is approximate. In order to obtain complete information, refer to eventual third-parties services’ privacy policy indicated in this document.

Having regard to the complexity of Cookies technologies’ identification, and their very strict supplementation with the web, if the User wants to receive any further study of the same Cookies usage and eventual usages of them, for example those operated by third-parties through this website, he will be exhorted to contact the Owner.

Methods of Data Treatment

The data collected by using the Cookies shall be treated by Pentachem S.r.l.’s employees or partners as people in charge (people empowered to treat personal data under the Owner and Responsible’s direct authority, as provided by articles 4, 10 and 29 of GDPR) and treatment responsibles.

The data shall also be treated by trustworthy societies dealing with Pentachem S.r.l.’s website. These societies are Pentachem S.r.l.’s direct co-workers and are mentioned as treatment Responsibles. Their list is constantly updated and is available upon request by sending a mail to the email address you can find below.

The treatment shall take place with manual, informatics and online tools, with organization and elaboration logics strictly connected to the above listed purposes and with the purpose of ensuring the security, integrity, and data reservation in respect of organizational, physical, and logistical measures laid down by current law.

The data shall be preserved both with paper and telematics archives.
The data shall not be subject to diffusion not to any decisional process fully automated, nor to the profiling.

User’s rights

Concerning to the data treatment, the user is free to exercise the right provided by articles from 15 to 22 of GDPR (reproduced in shorter form in the end notes of this document). For the exercise of his rights, the user can relate to the treatment Owner by sending a written communication to the address you can find below.

Owner and Data Treatment Responsible

Pentachem Srl
Responsabile: CLAUDIO FRULLI
Via Galvani 3 - 47832 - San Clemente (RN) - ITALY
P.IVA 02248470409

Interested party’s rights

Articles from 15 to 22 EU Regulation 2016/679

In accordance with the articles from 15 to 22 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, the interested party has the right to obtain the adjustment, the integration, or the removal (right to be forgotten) of his personal data by the Owner; the right to obtain the treatment limitation and the right of data portability, the right of opposition to data treatment, also the proliferation, and the right of filing a complaint to the Guarantor Authority.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)

Any information connected to a physical person, even indirectly identified or identifiable through reference to any other information, also Personal Identification Number, stands for personal data.

Usage Data

These are personal data automatically collected by the Application (or third-parties’ applications used by the same): IP addresses or user’s computers’ domain names automatically connected to the Application, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, time of the request, the way the request has been submitted to the server, dimension of the file obtained as answer, the digital code indicating the server’s answer status (successful, error, …), Country of provenience, user’s browser’s and operating system’sfeatures, visit’s time connotations (for example, dwell time on every website’s pages) and the details related to the trip on the Application with particular focus on the sequence of consulted pages, parameters related to operating system and user’s IT environment.


The person using this Application, who must correspond to the Interested or must be allowed by him, whose Personal Data are object of the treatment.


Natural or legal person to whom the Personal Data are referred.

Treatment Responsible (or Responsible)

The natural or legal person, public administration and any other authority, association or organism appointed by the Owner for Personal Data treatment, according to what established by this privacy policy.

Treatment Owner (or Owner)
Natural or legal person, public administration and any other authority, association, or organism which has to make decisions, also together with another owner, about purposes, personal data treatment, purpose decisions, and even the security profile related to the functioning and usage of this Application. The Treatment Owner, unless specified differently, is the owner of this Application.

This Application

The hardware or software tool though which Users’ Personal Data are collected.


Little portion of data saved inside the User’s device.