GRAFENE - Influence on the mechanical properties of polymers

Advantages of the addition of grafene on the mechanical properties of handworks in polypropylene


After one year of research we finally got the results of the first production of handworks made with polypopylene added with grafene completely developed in Pentachem. To make the samples it has been use “0 km” raw material and growing from a vertical production chain starting from Pentachem for the production of grafene and ending with Ghepi as to the moulding of plastics.

The grafene has been added to the plastics using as a carrier a master batch containing 25% of grafene (grafene:polypropylene ratio 1:3); this master batch is then added to neutral polypropylene in the moulding stage so allowing to obtain handworks with different concentrations in grafene. In particular the samples made contain the following concentrations in weight of grafene:

  • 1 %
  • 5 %
  • 10 %
  • 15 %


As you can see in the above image the moulding precision and the “reading” of the mould by the mixture is perfect and the samples do not show any defect to a visual inspection;
Then the mechanical properties of the polymeric composites have been tested: the tensile test made in Nevicolor on samples according to ISO 527-1/2 standard with Pentachem’s  grafene show a good increase of the ultimate strenght of the polymer even when added with small percentages of grafene (1% and 5%) when compared to the non-charged polypropylene;
The elastic modulus itself is positively influenced by the addition of grafene in all concentrations and proportionally to the increase of grafene’s dosage in the polymer according to the below table.

  Non-charged PP PP + 1% grafene PP + 5% grafene
Ultimate strength (MPa) 17,77 27,84 25,06

Tab.1 - Ultimate strength of PP  charged with different percentages of  grafene


  Non-charged PP PP + 1% grafene PP + 5% grafene PP + 10% grafene PP + 15% grafene
Elastic modulus (MPa) 1373 2481 2997 3964 4607

Tab.2 - Elastic modulus of PP  charged with different percentages of  grafene


Fig.1 - Ultimate strength of grafene charged with different percentages of grafene


Fig.2 - Elastic modulus of PP charged with different percentages of grafene