Pentachem does not stop

Dear customers, suppliers, partners,

As all of you, Pentachem is worried about the ongoing medical emergency and the consequences that may result.
However, it is our wish and desire to reassure you all that Pentachem keeps producing and operating in total compliance with the safety standards in order to ensure the health of all its workers and of its community. We will keep all the characteristics that set us apart and none of your demands will be forgotten, none neglected.

If the visits to your and our offices and laboratories are suspended, we reply with phone and video calls even more assiduous than before.

If some of our workers are restricted at home, we reply, as many do, with the smart working, thus ensuring the full operational capabilities in every single working step.

If the world around us is engulfed in discouragement and despair, we reply with hope and the confidence that we will get out from this situation stronger, bolder and ready to face all emergencies the future will bring.

We should never forfeit the will to build a braver and newer world, not just for one second. Your comprehension, cooperation, and the planning skills in these dire days shall be a guarantee of continuity and renewal.

While hoping that this emergency will end soon we are, as always, at your service.

Pentachem S.r.l.