Pentachem proposes: Pentaproof CA






Pentaproof CA

Waterproofind agent in powder form


It is a waterproofing agent in powder form made out of metal salts of stabilized fatty acids. Thanks to its formulation, it protects the mortar from capillary water uptake and blocks the efflorescences and the salt aggression. Moreover, it gives the surfaces a pleasant beading effect.

In particular, it is suggested for the protection of:

  • Plasters (to be produced with the solution additive Pentagel I 100/N M).
  • Finishes and monolayers (to be produced with the solution additive Pentagel RS 619).
  • Tile grouts (to be produced with the solution additive Pentamix FUG and then color with our pigments Pentacolor).


For further information, please check the product's sheet: Pentaproof CA