SFORM DS 60 - Water based release agent


What: Sform DS 60 is a new generation water-based release agent.

Why to use SFORM DS 60: it always works properly with excellent results, it allows to obtain perfect surfaces, it is not pollutant, it does not rust the moulds, it has not safety matters and is cheaper.


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What is.
Sform DS 60 is a new generation release agent in water dispersion. The market actually offers both products already emulsified or ready to emulsify in water. They are normally made with mineral or vegetable recovery oils, with solvents and synthetic emulsifiers. Their use needs special attention in the transport and in their handling during the application, as they are harmful to human health and they can damage the metallic moulds. They also need special attention in the storage and in the disposal of the containers.

SFORM DS 60 is made with natural micro-waxes, with particular ecological emulsifiers and water in total absence of any solvent. For this reason it does not all the above mentioned precautions.

Even if it is a water based emulsion, SFORM DS 60 “does not rust but protects from oxidation” the metallic moulds.


How does it work.
Immediately after its application SFORM DS 60 lays on the mould a thin layer of anti-adhesion wax that makes the release easier. All the other components work to remove air bubbles on the contact surface and not to leave any anti-adhesion residue on the concrete.

How to apply and where to apply.
SFORM DS 60 must be preferably applied by spray with the common pumps with a fan nozzle at a working pressure between 3 and 6 bars. It can also be applied by roll or by brush paying attention to apply it in an homogeneous thin layer and to wait until all the water is completely evaporated before using the mould. If particularly smooth and glossy surfaces are needed, after total water evaporation it is necessary to smoothen with a felt cloth so to remove the excess of release agent.

The product is ready to use. If a reduction of its viscosity is needed, it can be diluted with up to 10% of water, mixing slowly and carefully before its use.

Sform DS 60 con be applied both on horizontal and vertical surfaces independently from their nature (iron, smoothed or rough wood, plywood, cement, polyester, polyurethane, etc.)

Yield depends on the porosity of the treated surfaces and it is always included between 80 and 150 g/m2.

During standard applications its bearing for each m2, referring to the pure cost of the product, is equivalent to the bearing of other ready-to-use release agents on the market. Moreover, being all other conditions the same, the cost of SFORM DS 60 per m2 will be 30% lower.

SFORM DS 60 has no precautions to be observed in its handling. Keep far from children being its colour and its consistency milky. Store at a temperature between 0 and 50°C.



See Technical Data Sheet and News: www.pentachem.it