In this page we regrouped the presentations concerning the most important categories of our products and their conditions of use.
For more information about the individual products, please check the technical data sheets in the section Products.
Presentation of Pentamix OS.10 for osmotic mortars

Pentamix OS.10 is an additive in powder form developed by Pentachem to prepare osmotic mortars for walls undergoing high rising damp.

Osmotic mortars are white mortars that act as a semi-permeable unidirectional membrane: they stop the flow of liquid water while they let steam pass, thus restoring humid walls and avoinding the growth of mildew.

Presentation of the waterproofing agents of Pentachem

In this presentation we regrouped our best waterproofing agents, both liquid and in powder form, for the treatment of molded walls.

These additives of Pentachem have been studied to face the problems caused by the rising damp and by the mold in the support. They cover all the steps of the recovery cycle, from the remouval of the stains caused by humidity to the final protective layers.


Presentation of Pentamix APL for tile adhesives

Pentamix APL and Pentamix APL 14 are two additives in powder specifically developed by Pentachem to increase the final strengths in C1 and C2 tile adhesives.

The products work on the development and on the features of the film, as well as on the characteristics of the binders responsible for its creation. Thanks to their composition, Pentamix APL and pentamix APL 14 lengthen the formation time of the film and reduce its thickness. Thus, the contact surface between the adhesive/tile and the cement increases, and the cement can develop stronger resistances.

Presentation of the Pentaproof line

In this presentation, we offer a glimpse into the most important additives of the Pentaproof line. The line is composed by waterproofing additives in powder form for concrete and for cement and gypsum-based mortars.

Thanks to their chemical composition, Pentaproof additives protect mortars from pouring and counterthrusting water and they do not affect setting and hardening times nor the final strengths of the final products.

Presentation of the additives for repair mortars

In this presentation, we collected our additives liquid and in powder form for the repair cycle of damaged concrete.

Pentachem can offer the additives for all the stages of the cycle, from the cleaning of the rusted iron bar to the protection of the repair mortar with a smoothing plaster.

Presentation sheet of Pentaflow PC5 and PC6

n this presentation sheet, we compare Pentaflow PC5 with Pentaflow PC6, two state-of-the-art superplasticizers of Pentachem based on polycarboxylates.

The two addtives are indicated for both cement and gypsum-based admixtures and they give wonderful perfomances  concernirng the flow and final strengths.

Presentation of the defoamer line Antifoam PS

In this presentation, we collected the powdered defoamers of Pentachem.

The products of the Antifoam PS line are suggested for all kind of cement and gypsum-based products. They act both on the quick elimination of the air from within the admixtures and on the fragmentation of the air bubbles, thus giving a smooth final surface without holes.

Presentation of the additives of Pentachem for gypsum

In this presentation, we offer a gimpse into the most important additives of Pentachem for gypsum-based products.

Among them, you can find both complete solution additives for plasters, smooth finishes, and stuccos, and raw materials, carefully selected, such as accelerators, plasticizers, and retarders.