Sform DS 60 - Green all-purpose release agent



                                     Sform DS 60

                                                                                                                 Green all-purpose release agent



SFORM DS 60 is a release agent in emulsion, composed of a mixture of silicones, fatty acids, and solubilized waxes dissolved in water.


When to use SFORM DS 60:

  • With all kinds of concretes.
  • For vertical and horizontal applications.
  • For hot (up to 100°C) and room temperature applications.
  • With all kind and materials of forms.


The advantages of SFORM DS 60:

  • Easy release from the form.
  • Perfect finition of the fairface.
  • No crumbs, oils, or residues.
  • Protection of metal forms from oxidation.
  • Protection for joints (both in rubber and in steel).
  • Absolutely eco-friendly.
  • 80% biodegradable.
  • Very low consumption: max. 0.050 l/m2.
  • Application by spraying, brush or roller.

Visual comparison between the surfaces of the concrete forms after demolding process. In the picture on the left, surface was treated with a high quality release agent- competitor, while in the picture on the right surface was treated with SFORM DS 60.