PENTA EC 4120 Highly modified cellulose ether for adhesives It is a cellulose ether with a wide range of uses, for all types of cement-based adh... Show more
EXTRA H2O is a device for the treatment of waters for industrial and/or home use. The product is composed of a filtration element and an ionizing u... Show more
Pentaflow PC 11 F is a superplasticizing agent in powder form based on polycarboxylate dispersants. It has a very quick solubilisation. It dev... Show more
Pentachem proposes: Pentaproof CA
          Pentaproof CA Waterproofind agent in powder form   It is a waterproofing agent in powder form made out of metal salt... Show more
New product: Pentaflow PC 102
    Pentaflow PC 102 Polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer for gypsum   It is a polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer in powder form... Show more
New product: Pentaresin P 104
          Pentaresin P 104 Re-dispersible resin in powder form It is a resin that can be dispersed in water and is highly resista... Show more
New product: Pentaproof GSP 65
          Pentaproof GSP 65 Water repellent product in powder form for gypsum  It is a silicone-based waterproofing agent in powd... Show more
Pentachem proposes: Pentaresin P3
          Pentaresin P3 Re-dispersible polymer in powder form It is a ter-polymeric resin that can be dispersed in water and is h... Show more
Pentachem proposes: cellulose ethers
          Penta EC and Penta ECP   Gamma Penta EC: pure and modified HPMC They are highly stable. They do not affect the... Show more
New Presentations page on the website
  We of Pentachem are happy to report the creation of the new Presentations section on the website. In this page, we regrouped all the presentat... Show more
Green products: Pentamix EX 3
  Pentachem is pleased to announce the results of the VOC emissions test on Petamix EX 3. According to such test, our anti-shrinkage additive is a... Show more
PENTAMIX EX 3 - Powdered shrinkage reduc...
                                       PENTAMIX EX 3        OVERVIEW      Pentamix EX 3 is a not expansive shrinkage reducing agent i... Show more
Sform DS 60 - Green all-purpose release...
                                               Sform DS 60                                                                                  ... Show more
SFORM - Range of form release agents for...
 SFORM                      Range of form release agents for concretes and stamped mortars    ... Show more
Pentachem proposes: Pentaproof 50 P
          Pentaproof 50 P Waterproofind agent in powder form   It is a waterproofing agent in powder form made out of metal sa... Show more
ANTIFOAM PS 201 - Eco-friendly powdered...
                                                                                                                                         ANTIFOA... Show more
PENTAMIX APL 14 - Anti-filming additive...
      PENTAMIX APL 14     Anti-filming additive for tile adhesives     OVERVIEW Pentamix APL 14 is an additive in powder... Show more
ANTIFOAM PS 5 - Powdered defoamer
  ANTIFOAM PS 5                                    OVERVIEW   Antifoam PS 5 is a defoa... Show more
PENTAPROOF - Line of powdered waterproof...
    PENTAPROOF     Waterproofing agents in powder form   Pentachem presents its line Pentaproof, composed of waterproofing agents... Show more
Dry premixed plasters and smooth finishe...
Cement-based dry premixed plasters   Permanently introduced in the current use they substitutedon the italian market around 90% of traditional p... Show more
PENTACOLOR - Pigments with easy dispersi...
 PENTACOLOR   TREATED MINERAL PIGMENTS WITH EASY DISPERSION   We developed our PENTACOLOR products based on a market analysis and on several i... Show more